The Dunn-Kearney Wedding

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28 August 2016
£ 472.40
£ 548.79
£ 1,200.00

Please join me in supporting:

Kids Club Kampala

Registered Charity No.1152451

Over Easter, we spent 10 days in Uganda with the charity Kids Club Kampala, of which Pete is a trustee. We saw the amazing work the charity does in changing the lives of children and families in the slum communities across Kampala. One of the projects that particularly stood out to us was the charity's cow project. A few years ago the charity bought a women's group a Jersey cow. The aim of the project was to give the women a sustainable income that they could use to provide for their family. A few years down the line, we were privileged enough to see the difference that the project has made. The original cow has since had calves and each of the ladies in the group now has her own cow. The money the women have generated from selling cows milk has enabled them to provide for their children and has allowed them to pay for their children to go to school. Inspired by what we saw, we are looking to raise £1,200 so that Kids club Kampala can buy a cow for a different women's group!

Recent Donations:
Peter on 10 October 2016
Anonymous on 19 August 2016
Hope you raise all you hope for this great cause xx Lots of love xx
Anonymous on 18 August 2016
Joanna on 18 August 2016
Congratulations to a very special couple xx
Michelle on 17 August 2016
Hope this leads to many more cows Cherry and Sheila
CHERRY on 16 August 2016
Delighted to support this great cause and wishing you both a wonderful day on August 20th and God's very best for your new life together!
Elisabeth on 31 July 2016
Hope you are able to purchase the cow and wishing you both every happiness in the future. Love Nigel and Sue
Sue on 28 July 2016
Here's to another cow for Kids club-may it be a healthy one !
Judith on 08 July 2016