Boaz Trust Free Shop 2017

Help us #restocktheshop

This page expires on: 19 July 2018.
£ 782.60
£ 922.48
£ 1,000.00

Boaz Trust

Registered Charity No.1110344

Each month at Boaz we run a Free Shop so that our asylum seeking clients can choose from a range of food and toiletries. As our clients are not allowed to work or claim benefits, our Free Shop is a vital source of day to day goods including nutritious fruit and vegetables.
Please will you help us to #restocktheshop this year, so that we have enough food and toiletries for everyone, for the whole year?

Recent Donations:
Anonymous on 19 April 2017
Anonymous on 02 April 2017
Grace on 16 March 2017
Thank you to Boaz trust and to all asylum seekers and those who get the right to remain who give us so much.
Margaret on 08 February 2017
Churches Together in Stretford carol singing donations for your worthy cause, sorry it is not more.
Rita on 24 January 2017
Nicola on 18 January 2017
All the best for your work in the new year!
Anonymous on 17 January 2017
Anonymous on 23 December 2016
Margaret on 21 December 2016
Anonymous on 01 December 2016