ignathon- Saturday 8th April 2017

Follow the herd to help ignis buy a cow for Empower a Child

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31 May 2017
£ 4,422.54
£ 5,103.30
£ 1,000.00

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Empower A Child UK

Registered Charity No.1149868

ignathon 2017 will take place on Saturday 8th April in Battersea Park where we will be running 5k & 10k raising funds for Empower a Child. We have supported Empower a Child with many fundraising initiatives and have twice visited Uganda to work for the community they have established there. In 2013 we built a cattle shed and in 2016 we were delighted to see that the cattle shed is still standing! A primary school, medical centre and residential compound have been added since our previous trip, all funded, in part, by events ignis has organised. This year we are running to raise funds to buy a male cow to join the females in the ignis built cattle shed. Donating with give.net is really easy and completely secure. If you are a UK taxpayer, please confirm that you would like to reclaim Gift Aid on your donation. This will add 25p to every £1 you give. Thanks for visiting.

Recent Donations:
Well done you lot! Great work indeed. Christian at Secret Hero Ltd
Christian on 24 April 2017
Well done ignites :) Lauren W
Lauren on 20 April 2017
The remainder of sponsor money collected for Nick Peters beard shave for EAC. Thanks to all those who sponsored Nick, and a big thank you to Nick for agreeing to do this. Jo
Joanna on 19 April 2017
Here is the majority of the dare money - well done Ignites!
Phillip on 19 April 2017
Congratulations Nick. Well done.
Emma on 18 April 2017
Eleanor on 17 April 2017
Little Jo, well done my lovely friend I'm very proud of you, love Denise x
Denise on 12 April 2017
Good luck and well done guys! Jon, Paul & the Pixel Circus team.
Jonathan on 11 April 2017
Well done Freddie!
Joanna on 10 April 2017
Hope you successfully made it to the finish line Lauren - well done you! Judith and Alix x
Judith on 09 April 2017