Kate and Bryn walk for water

One day, 22 miles, no complaining

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24 June 2017
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Please join me in supporting:

Watsan Uganda UK Support, Rumbugu Primary School

Registered Charity No.1123803

We will be walking 22 miles in one day along the Ridgeway and spring-line villages, all in aid of WATSAN water and sanitation project in Uganda. WATSAN is trying to raise £24k to replace squalid facilities at Rumbugu Primary School in South Western Uganda, where over 400 pupils share intermittent water to a single tap, and 40 female pupils share just one toilet. Help is urgently need to ensure these children, especially the girls, have access to a safe education.

WATSAN is run by a Ugandan staff team and a UK Support Team, of which Kate is a trustee. Kate has been working with WATSAN since she led a group of 18 Girl Guides to Uganda for a month in 2013. The team worked on a WATSAN project in a school and saw the impact of their work first hand. 

Our previous experience of long-distance walking was a 56-mile trek along the Thames Path from source to Oxford, for 'pleasure', and resulted in 13 blisters and much complaining. Kate has promised to tie her boots more tightly this time...

Recent Donations:
Well done you two! Hope the feet are healing nicely (no need to post photos of the scabs though) :)
Petra on 16 July 2017
Well done, guys! It's an achievement getting Bryn out of bed, let alone 22 miles!
Anonymous on 05 July 2017
Anonymous on 04 July 2017
Well done! I think you are AMAZING
Rosie on 28 June 2017
Well done lovely Kate and Bryn! Hope your poorly feet are mending well. Big love, Claire xx
Claire on 28 June 2017
Loretta on 28 June 2017
Well done Kate and Bryn! Love Farah xx
Farah on 26 June 2017
Well done, Kate!
Jayne on 26 June 2017
Congratulations to you both, hope the feet are recovering! John T
John on 26 June 2017
Well done guys, and a great cause. From the Harford Family.
Fran on 26 June 2017