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Big Sleep Out 2016

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04 March 2016
£ 1,208.60
£ 1,289.34
£ 1,000.00

Please join me in supporting:

Alabare Christian Care and Support

Registered Charity No.1006504

Can you help the Pitton Guides raise awareness of Homelessness?? We are braving the elements and sleeping in the Cathedral Cloister for one night only; many have no choice and endure cold, hunger and fear every night.Please help us support Alabare in providing shelter, food and advice. Donating with is really easy and completely secure. If you are a UK taxpayer, please confirm that you would like to reclaim Gift Aid on your donation. This will add 25p to every £1 you give. Thanks for visiting!

Recent Donations:
Anonymous on 21 March 2016
Well done to all of you, hope it wasn't too cold From Sarah and all of the 1st wintebrourne Brownies
Sarah on 10 March 2016
Well done to all the girls of Pitton Guides who braved the elements last week.
Jane on 10 March 2016
Anonymous on 06 March 2016
Well done Pitton Guides! From the Bunce family.
Kenneth on 06 March 2016
Awesome effort Guides
Anonymous on 05 March 2016
Good luck ladies! Keep warm x
Elizabeth on 04 March 2016
Mad but happy!!
Anonymous on 02 March 2016
Stuart on 02 March 2016
Drink plenty of hot tea - and whiskey!
Brian on 01 March 2016